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Pets Travel offers a wide range of products for safe car journeys with your pet. Pets travel with their owners in cars regularly. Especially dogs are taken on visits, for walks in the woods or on holiday. Of course, driver and pet safety come first when travelling with a dog or other pet in the car. Animals are too often unrestrained in the car! This is extremely dangerous.

Pet safe in the car

Thousands of accidents occur in the Netherlands every year; pets are sometimes the victim,
sometimes the cause and sometimes both. Seat belts are mandatory for people, even in the back! But these are not
mandatory for pets, while the risk for a pet is just the same in the event of collision or emergency braking

Dog on the rear seat

If you transport your dog or another pet on the rear seat, use a harness and click this into the seatbelt buckle. The lead should be kept short so that the dog cannot end up in an uncomfortable position or become trapped.

Dog unrestrained in the car

This is extremely dangerous. Not only for the dog, but for you too! If you need to brake suddenly, your dog weighing perhaps 20 kg will be projected forwards in the car at high speed. Your dog will become an unguided projectile with potentially disastrous consequences.

Facts & Figures


  • Most of the car drivers do not have restraints for their pets in the car
  • 6% of car drivers has had an accident because of their dog 
  • 51% of car drivers has experienced an emergency situation because of their dog
  • 91% of car drivers considers travelling with a pet without restraint as being dangerous

Have a nice trip!

Our range comprises various products for safe travel with your pet. We have special car harnesses to secure your dog safely in the car. These have been tested and approved according to current guidelines, are comfortable and are available for small or large dogs. You can also decide to use a handy and safe travel carrier for your pet; ideal for your cat or small dog, these are also airline approved. The travel carrier can be secured on your car seat using the supplied harnesses.

We wish you many safe journeys with your pet. Have a nice trip!

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