Pets Travel Dog net


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Pets Travel Dog net

Pets Travel offers a wide range of handy products for your pet. As well as safety products for travelling by car, Pets Travel also offers solutions for when you are out and about with your pet.

With the Pets Travel dog net you can stay safe when travelling. This dog net ensures that you have a safe journey without your dog climbing into the front and prevents your four-footed friend from pushing his nose through the net. The net is manufactured from strong nylon and is suitable for all cars with or without roof rain gutters and also for 5-door cars. The dog net can be fitted in 3 different ways depending on the type of car. The dog net is 130 cm in length and is 87 cm in height. The dog net can also be used to prevent tall loads on the rear seat from shifting forwards.

  • Suitable for cars with or without roof rain gutters or for 5-door cars
  • 3 different fitting options
  • Dimensions 130 x 87 cm

Suggested retail price: € 7,99

EAN: 8711293396825
Article number: 4300016